We are extremely excited to announce that the world renowned bag company, Lowepro, has come onboard as sponsors to kit us out with the best bags to ensure our camera gear is safe and secure. 

As you can imagine, traveling for 1 year to 16 different countries takes a huge toll on the bags that keep our cinema cameras safe, luckily Lowepro make strong, rugged bags for exactly this purpose! 

To see how we go, visit our blog for more updates on our experiences using the 'Whistler BP450 AW' and 'DroneGuard BP450 AW.'

Thanks Lowepro!


SYRP - Genie motion control

Welcome to the team Syrp! This fantastic company from New Zealand kitted us out with the 'Syrp Genie.' This little device is perfect for adventure filmmakers like us who find ourselves in all sorts of obscure locations.

The adaptability and portability of the 'Genie' is second to none and the battery life lasts for a surprising amount of time which is great when electricity isn't always available. We've used it with our Canon DLSR's and even our Blackmagic URSA Mini 4k. 

Head to our social media pages to see all of the amazing footage we've created with the 'Genie.' 

Thanks to team at Syrp!


LIFEPROOF - live beyond your limits

Thanks to LifeProof for helping us protect some of our most important items!

Filming orphan rhinos and other African wildlife means we are often in areas where the weather can change at a moments notice, so knowing our iPhone and iPad Mini are well protected, gives us time to focus on packing away all our camera gear that is definitely not waterproof!

So far our iPhones have taken a swim in a river, been dropped when we have been chased by hippos and taken a dive straight into a pile of fresh rhino poo – each time coming out of it 100% fine.

Thanks LifeProof – you’re cases have been a lifesaver!