Morgan grew up in the world famous Whitsunday Islands, a small coastal town bordering the Great Barrier Reef. It was here she developed a passion for conservation that eventually led her to completing a degree in Environment Science (BscEnv). After backpacking around the world at 19, Morgan returned to South Africa to volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary. It was here she had an opportunity to help care for an orphaned black rhino called Ollie, a chance encounter that ultimately changed the course of her life.

After learning about the rhino-poaching crisis, Morgan left Australia in early 2015 and accepted an opportunity to work as an orphan rhino caregiver at Care for Wild (CFW), the world’s largest rhino orphanage. Founded by the Petronel Nieuwoudt, a world expert in orphan rhino rehabilitation, it opened her eyes to the complexity and challenges facing rhino conservation and also the disunity in the fight to protect them. Upon moving back to Australia and completing a short stint as a zookeeper for rhinos, Morgan and her partner Garth, decided that it was these issues that need to be shown to the world. The challenge was to create a documentary which would show that the rhino poaching crisis, and the solutions, are not as simple and as black and white as people are led to believe. 

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garth de bruno austin


Garth was born in Nelspruit, South Africa, and it was during his teenage years that he realised he had a passion for cinematography. After his family immigrated to Australia in 2006, Garth furthered his knowledge by completing certificate 3 & 4 in film making. 

Soon after, Garth returned to South Africa and began work under Director Jim Murray. This mentorship was a turning point in his career and within a year Garth was filming from helicopters with his footage shown on BBC's 'How To Grow A Planet' and 'Natures Miracle Orphans,' as well as traveling back to Australia to be the camera operator and 2nd director of photography (DP) on the award winning web series "Greenfields."

Since then Garth has worked as a DP on a range of projects, from music videos for the internationally renowned band "Northlane" and recently the Western Australian Police Union, where the under cover video that he filmed went viral with over 1 million views. His interest in rhino conservation began when he filmed a 7 episode web series for Care for Wild Africa, the world's largest rhino orphanage.

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environmental management student & executive producer

Nakita was born in South Africa and was fortunate enough to spend countless hours viewing rhinos at reserves. Because of this, she feels a personal and moral responsibility to do what she can to help ensure their survival for future generations. She has done this by organising events and marches across her home town of Brisbane to raise awareness. 

Currently a student at the University of Queensland, where she is studying for a Bachelor in Environmental Management, Nakita has also made time to film a short documentary uncovering the American trade in exotic pets. Currently in post production, Nakita hopes that this film will be a break through in exposing the cruelty while also providing solutions to a very complex issue. 

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